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Goal weight within reach!

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.. I am 14 lbs from goal weight! Woohoo! But I am thinking of changing it. I think I wish to stay at 140. Why? Might be because people are stating I look amazing now. If I go too skinny I might look sickly. I fit a size 5! I love the fact that I can go shopping and be in the petite section. Lol. I walk 5 miles a day I found a job I love! Get paid nicely too! Lol. Get lots of cardio in, because of job but need to add weight lifting into my routine. I bought myself a new car. New me new car. Lol. Going on a cruise in April! Spring break here I come! Can't wait to level out and stay steady so I can plan my plastic surgery. Because honey I need and want a boob job! Lmao! That's it for now. Seeing my doc for a follow up in December. Last one for this year then once a year after that. Yes!

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  1. janetm's Avatar
    What a year Omy - congratulations
  2. Fae's Avatar
    Congratulations! I'm happy for you.
  3. Terps's Avatar
    Many congratulations!! So much joy!
  4. justilou's Avatar
    WOW!!! See how changing one thing changes everything??? What a wonderful chain reaction!
  5. Ima Fox's Avatar
    What a great accomplishment! You are living the DREAM! All the best for your continued happiness & fulfillment.
  6. kenson's Avatar
  7. Omy's Avatar
    Awww thanks guys!
  8. llburbach's Avatar
    Congrats!! You sound like me!! I have BOOBS on the top of my list. Lol I have received so many compliments. I might want to stay at my current weight too. I am 5'4" and I have no idea what size pants I wear because I bought all junior jeans and they are size 11. I am happy with how I look (except for the grey hair) haha.

    I look forward to hearing more of your journey.

  9. Ms. Jupiter's Avatar
    How exciting!!! Congratulations!!!!