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Hi From Kalgoorlie

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Hi my name is Caitlyn I am just starting to look into getting the gastric sleeve I am 24 years old I have a gorgeous 4 year old son and have been overweight my entire life have tried many times to loose weight but sadly have never made my goal hoping by getting the surgery this will help me finally reach my goal
Hello my name is Esther, How do You do,
Have you done your surgary, hows it going.
Ive lived in Kal, for ten years and since im going thru menapause Ive gained weight due to the change in Life,
Have you had you surgary yet, can you reconmend any good doctors that come to kal, and what are the all up prices

Cheers Esther

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  1. justilou's Avatar
    Hello Fellow Aussies! I'm not even in the country, but coming back (to Brisbane) for surgery in December! I have family in Kal, so I wish you all the best!
  2. Fae's Avatar
    Hey Caitlyn! I have a 25 year old cousin who has a 6 year old son. She has PCOS, and other issues, and had sleeve surgery in March. She's lost about 6o pounds and looks and feels marvelous. She had no unexpected problems post-op, which helped me decide to go ahead with my own surgery. TOMORROW I will be sleeved! I'm excited and ready to sip sip sip and walk walk walk. The older I get the more serious my health problems get, and it's time that I do what I can to halt that process and become as healthy as possible. Good luck on your weight loss journey.