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Journey Tobeme

Insurance packet

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My Surgeon's office will be submitting my paperwork to my insurance company today. I am so excited. Yesterday I went for my weigh in. My Surgeon had set my goal at 254 and I weighed in at 250. I also had my pulmonology clearance appointment. He gave me my clearance. Said my sleep apnea was non treatable since it was so mild. I was not expecting it. So I called my patient advocate and she said the packet has been ready just needed those 2 final things to send it off.

I will call my insurance liaison on Friday. He is a super sweet guy and handles my case himself. I call when I need an approval or anything. He sends me free stuff all the time lol. When we first talked about this surgery he sent me several samples of protein shakes and other nutritional supplements companies send to them to recommend. He is truly awesome. He calls me once a month to check in.
In case you didn't read my first blog I am the guinea pig for my insurance company. I am the 1st person they have allowed to even start this process. Their future coverage of this benefit is in part based on my case. I am striving to do a rocking job so that others will be offered this opportunity from our insurance provider.

So for today, I wait. This is the 1st day I haven't had a criteria to meet. This is the 1st day I haven't had calls to make or people to persuade. I am enjoying this inactive state for today. Tomorrow it is back to the path. I will start preparing for surgery by reading my home, child and outer support. But I can blog that tomorrow or later today because it is an overwhelming list considering our schedule. For today, right now I am basking in the light of nothingness.

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