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Alcohol...that will do it!

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I am 10 months post and though slow losing, am about 7 pounds from my personal goal weight (yeah!) - I went on a cruise at month 3 and was able to eat within my guidelines and continued to lose. During this post op period I have never gained at all even when there was no loss for weeks on end. Well that changed. I went to an all inclusive Mexico resort with 2 girlfriends last week for just 4 days. I am not typically a drinker but the drinks were free & it was hot - still I didn't drink anywhere near what my friends did but when I got home I was almost 3 pounds up! The food was so so but I know I ate little and well within what I have been or less - so it was pretty clearly the alcohol!!! Lesson learned - apparently even if it is in a little tiny shot glass, it still packs the calories!! lol. I have been back 3 days & half of the gain is gone already but I won't do that again!! On a good note.... I felt better wearing a bathing suit than I had in 30 years, - walked, snorkeled, swam, played in 90 degree weather wearing very little clothing and felt GREAT!! Feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to have this life changing surgery!

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    Glad to hear about your wonderful trip wearing a bathing suit! Whoo hoo! (And why not do it again, just lose it when you get home again.) But you're right, alcohol is just empty calories.
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    Congrats on your new stability. BTW, going on vacation, gaining 3 pounds, coming home and losing it sounds ... uh ... normal?

    A big challenge for me will be learning how not to live an "all or nothing" lifestyle. At least, that's what the shrink says.

    Again, congratulations on the lessons learned.