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10 days since Surgery

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So, I'm still currently on liquids.
Which is actually fine with me, as I'm the kinda person that likes to know what I'm having day to day. So I'm practically living on chocolate shakes at the moment.

The UK diet guidelines seem slightly/quite different from those of you across the pond.
10 days out and I'm currently having 1000ml of protein shakes - I can only stomach the shakes, the soups aren't that good. I changed on Sunday from having only 700mls a day since surgery.
I do have guidelines that allow me to make my own smoothies/soups and add protein power - but Im fine on the shakes at the moment so am sticking with those.

I've got another 2 weeks after this week on liquids prior to going onto pureed food. I'll do pureed for 1 month, then move onto soft/normal food for month 3, then 4 months out it'll be normal/textured foods.

All in all though, I'm really doing well after my surgery. Its definitely a case of having to remember I've had surgery haha and not actually doing to much too soon. I am managing to get out and about and drive etc. I'm not walking as far as I was pre-op but slowly building that up. I've done about 5 miles today. My one thing is just feeling continuously tired - I've gone back to having a little nap at around lunch-time which I'm loving! Its a cross between getting moving and feeling tired. I don't think I've ever slept so well as I do lately - which is a bonus, sleeping prior to my op was definitely a problem.

I'm actually looking forward to starting exercising again - I started with a PT prior to surgery and have put things on hold until I'm ready. Again I've been told wait 8 weeks until exercising, but I'm sure I've read things saying people have returned or started exercising 3/4 weeks out?? Maybe I dreamt it??

I'm still taking a lot of medications - paracetamol, codeine, DVT injections, anti-sickness and anti-inflammatory. I was told to keep taking them for 2 weeks after my op, so thats what I'm doing. Plus my thinking is, no I'm not feeling any pain and yes it maybe because I'm taking pain meds but why feel pain if I don't have to?

I'm looking forward to feeling normal again, but also anxious about eating regular food again. Not because of weight gain really, just wondering how it be, what will it feel like, will I know when I've had enough.

Anyway, another day goes by and I'm slightly healthier and the scales are going down - so pretty happy generally.

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  1. char602's Avatar
    Hear! Hear! The scale is moving in the right direction. Good for you :-)