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Journey Tobeme

Loss Cards

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I was looking for a way to mark each pound I need to lose. Some people do marbles or beads. Moving from one jar to another. Some people use stickers.

I wanted to write out thoughts and wishes. I wanted a reminder to look at as the days go by. I wanted something to look at while I am losing the weight and after. I want the reminder of everything I was thinking and everything I hoped for.

So I made Loss cards. One card for each pound I want to lose. They aren't my best work. They aren't made with the best supplies. They took a couple hours on the weekend to make them. I have them hung on my bedroom wall so they are always on my mind.

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Here they are on the wall. Starting with pound 288 and ending with 115. I am not sure where in there I will chose to stop losing weight. I wanted to cover each pound I might possibly want to lose.

I have removed the first 25 of them already. Some individual card will make it onto blog posts. Some will go into the scrapbook without others seeing them for right now. Let me share a couple that have already been removed. Ignore that the pics aren't that great. I was using my camera phone and I am not so great with it.

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This (and others) mark every 5 pounds lost.

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Most have sayings like this one and the one below.

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Some have activities I would like to do and enjoy.
Some have wishes for my future thinner self. I will share those when they come off the wall. I am happy with the markers I created and I am excited to see them come off the wall.

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  1. vonik's Avatar
    What a super cool idea, sleeved 8/26, we got this!!
  2. brightnessofhope's Avatar
    This is so cool! I want to do something like this! You've inspired me.
  3. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Great idea! I wish I would have done that!
  4. Blondena Merritt's Avatar
    What an awesome idea. I am going to have to do this when I get close to my sleeve date. I am not going to be sleeved until the 5th of this coming January and this will give me time to focus on what I want to put on my cards. Thanks for such a great idea. I am also going to be putting together a scrapbook of my journey as well.
  5. Journey Tobeme's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. They were fun to make. It is awesome to see them each time I walk in the room. We got this!!