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Happenings since Aug. 26....

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1. Got sleeved 8/26.
2. Day of surgery, not much pain, just where drain was. Out of it most of day.
3. 2nd day in hosp. things went slow, got out of bed but just mainly sat.
4. 3rd day in hosp. got an UTI didnt feel good at all just blah so was kept in an extra day.
5. Day 4 up using bathroom, getting in and out of bed, drain was removed and felt so much better.
6. Day 5 released to my mothers care, dont we just love our mothers care!
Feeling not bad still a little tight on left side drinking, eating cream of wheat, protein shakes, yougurt, etc. Dont have much of an appetite so things are going down slow, I'm trying but not real hungry. I get up and walk occasionally and have just taken a shower - AWESOME feeling. Not much more to report. I did lay in bed the day after and prayed to God if I had made the right decision, knowing deep down inside I did and as time goes by I'll never regret this. I know one day at time and I'm not one to rush things so just nice and slow I'm in no hurry.

Not real sure of any weight lose.
Initial weight(3/2014) 298
Starting Pre op 293
Surgery Day(8/26) 281.6
Day left hosp.(8/29) 292
I wont weight again until I see doctor on Wednesday. Till then fellow sleevers

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  1. Fae's Avatar
    Sounds like you're doing great. Hope you feel better and stronger each day.