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My Experience - Dr. Rodriguez - Tijuana - Hospital Angeles 8-21-2014

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Hi Everyone -

I'm not much of a poster, but thought my experience could help others who are researching and trying to decide what doctor to use if their decision is to go to Mexico or even in the states.

I originally had a lap band placed 5-2003 in Mexico by Dr. Rumbaut in Monterrey Mexico - surgery went well, I lost all my excess weight, kept it off for about 4 years. I slowly regained weight, but not to my original weight. I was just having problems with my band, little restriction at times, throwing up at times, terrible reflux, if I ate anything healthy (vegetables, meat, etc) it would be stuck in my band all day! It just needed to come out.

I knew that if I only took my band out and didn't have a revision to a sleeve, I would gain even more weight, and I didn't want to do that. (BMI 33 at time of surgery). I wasn't morbidly obese, but knew that the band did restrict a little and I didn't want the complications of gaining even more weight.

My insurance wouldn't cover the surgery, so I decided to go to Mexico again - having the lowest price doctor was not my goal when I researched doctors, I was looking for experience, a doctor that didn't do more than 3 surgeries a day, good reviews, and to be in a hospital - I eventually chose Dr. Rodriguez.

When I got the hospital, I found out that I was to be the last surgery of the day and I was #5 :/. Wasn't the news I wanted, but it is what it is. I waited until 5:30pm until they finally took me back to surgery. I met with Dr. Rodriguez for just a few minutes before they took me back.

I don't remember a whole lot after that, except waking in up in a lot of pain and nausea, I asked for pain medicine, it was more than gas pain. After the nurse taking my blood pressure (very low), and my heart rate (very high), I was told by the Dr. that they felt like I had internal bleeding/blood clot since there was a lot of scar tissue to remove my band that had been in my body for 10 plus years. They took me back into surgery at 5:30am and found that I had a capillary that had begun to bleed and they were able to clean out the blood clot give me 2 pints of blood, and everything was good.

I awoke a little later that morning and felt like a new person, not a whole lot of pain, felt weak, but began to get up and walk. I had a lot of drainage since they put in another drain hole. I stayed in the hospital for two more nights then was discharged to go home. I'm doing great now, I still do feel weak, but my coloring is good, and I feel better every day.

Here are my thoughts:

#1 - Dr. Rodriguez and staff took my situation seriously, took care of the problem immediately, and had the experience to take care of the problem.

#2 - I was in a hospital - help was easily and immediately attainable, I was monitored for any complications.

#3 - This complication could've taken my life, if it wouldn't of been taken care of immediately or I would've been in a hotel etc.

If I was going to give a recommendation to those searching for a doctor/facility - I would research your doctor, ask about what happens if you have a complication(in the states or Mexico), ask them what could go wrong, will I be in a hospital the whole time, etc etc. A friend of mine had surgery with a low price doctor in Mexico, he knicked her spleen during surgery, and by the time she finally got care in the states, she had just about lost her life. (She asked repeatedly to speak to the Dr. before she was discharged, but he wouldn't see her)

Unfortunately complications do happen, remember money is not the most important factor, your life is!

Have a great day!

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  1. may97vas's Avatar
    Glad to hear you are ok! These things can happen anywhere, including the states (I had my surgery in NY). It's good to know your Doctor took it seriously and got on it immediately.