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Ooops!! Ate too late - won't do that again!

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10 months out & just did a blog yesterday about all being "sunny" Haven't had any issues, complications etc. all along - last night I ate dinner really early, didn't do a snack or anything during the evening & was really hungry & ate a 1/4 of a protein bar 20 min before bedtime - Woke up 2 1/2 hours later with I think (never experienced it) but acid reflux?? - burning in my throat & mouth - ick!! Couldn't stop coughing & wondered if I had thrown up a bit (sorry TMI) - I had this to a lesser degree one other time a few months back when I ate some greek yogurt not long before bed but didn't "connect" what it might be since I never experienced this before. I did a search online this morning and it seems quite common ? GERD ? or Acid reflux? I remember my doctor's office telling me not to lie down too soon after eating but I guess I thought that was post surgical instructions for early on in this journey - anyone else experienced this? Guess I need to plan those snacks better so I am not starving at 10pm. (I have actually woken up in the middle of the night feeling hungry so planning of those snacks is important I guess - even this far out from surgery) I had ate a half of a small burger patty with (1) cooked mushroom at about 5pm - I usually do a lite snack around 8pm - LESSON LEARNED!!

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  1. Shirleybird's Avatar
    Ya, I learned the hard way as well early on in my journey. Never do that again.
  2. mamb0831's Avatar
    I just had the same thing happen to me about a week ago. Definitely learned my lesson. My Doctor said that I don't have to take acid reducer meds regularly, which was good news.
  3. sweetnichole44's Avatar
    I get it really bad after I take my vitamins. I think I should space them out more. But yes I have this problem from time to time. Some times it's so bad it feels like my chest is on fire. So, lately i've been trying to exercise right after I eat a meal. At least go for a walk and that seems to help tremendously
  4. JSMencer's Avatar
    i like to eat 2 eggs shortly before i go to bed. I try to every night.
  5. aglb's Avatar
    Jsmencer - you said you eat eggs before bed - do they cause you problems in the night? I am often hungry in the evening but I won't allow myself anything at night except for yogurt or sf popsicles, or coffee or some form of meat for straight protein - but never again will I eat within an hour or 90 min of going to bed -
  6. leafswife's Avatar
    yes, it too has happened to me. it is a painful reminder for me not to lay down too soon after eating.