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The ultimate waiting period!!!

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Hey guys!
I have finally completed all of the requirements for my insurance company. My information was submitted on August 8th by my surgeon's insurance coordinator, so hopefully I will have an approval by this Friday.

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  1. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    I am confident it will be approved; let us know. Congratulations!

    But if for some small reason it isn't, have your surgeon and PCP contact them why they recommend this procedure for you. My insurance denied it exactly 2 weeks before my procedure. I contacted my surgeon & PCP, they resubmitted some paperwork and magically the insurance company now approved it.
  2. Monasongbird_4's Avatar
    thanks for the encouraging words words
  3. tatorbug's Avatar
    how exciting for you!!! My surgery is scheduled on November 3. I can hardly wait....
  4. Ima Fox's Avatar
    Good luck! I hope it happens for you!
  5. Vegimen1962's Avatar
    Wishing only positive thoughts...
  6. Monasongbird_4's Avatar
    Well, guys I was Denied... My insurance company said I didn't meet the medical requirements.
    My BMI is 36 and I have Osteoarthritis.
  7. Redab051's Avatar
    So Sorry to hear they keep denying you... Just keep the faith, IF its meant to be I have been trying since 2008 and when I get state medical it approved... ant that something.....Praying along with you...