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Love my backyard

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So I thought I'd share some views from my saddle yesterday. That's my dog at the top of the hill in the last picture. He sure slept good last night!

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  1. PechoNalidad58's Avatar
    It's beautiful <3 and yes your dog looks very tired lol
  2. pattersonviv's Avatar
    Great to see you out and about, living life. Looks magic.
  3. julesdeck's Avatar
    Ok, so you know how we all have our list of "when I reach goal I will...."? Well my new one is When I reach goal, I will get my ass on a plane and come out and ride with you!!!
  4. Kindle's Avatar
  5. ariggs's Avatar
    wow just beautiful...very blessed to have such a beautiful back yard!
  6. bmiller140's Avatar
    That is amazing and so glad that you can enjoy it. Wish my backyard looked like that.
  7. ScouterJim's Avatar
    Truly beautiful countryside that you call home. I can only imagine how great it feels to get out and enjoy life out there now!
  8. April1's Avatar
    I too love my back yard. BUT, I think I would like to move in your neighborhood.
  9. speedracer's Avatar
    I would be outside everyday if that was my backyard! So pretty-
  10. Ann2's Avatar
    Kindle, you win! Your backyard is the best. You are a lucky woman.
  11. Kindle's Avatar
  12. Kindle's Avatar