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Joe Poppa

Your Non-Scale Victory

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Post your non-scale victory whether it is real or made up to make us laugh.

Mine is my talking scale no longer says "only one person at a time please" when I stand on it.

(Not real, but humorous. Since it involves a scale is it still a "non-scale" victory blog?)

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  1. kjsleeved's Avatar
    Being able to wrap a towel around me ( not a beach towel)
  2. ariggs's Avatar
    kjsleeved ...you stole mine...I was just telling my husband that last night! ok so another one would be.....to buy a dress that doesnt have an X in the size!
  3. slags68's Avatar
    I have a couple.

    1. Weighing less than my husband for the first time ever!

    2. Having people tell me how skinny I am getting.

    3. Agreeing with the above, also being able to wrap a towel around me and have it tucked in to walk around. Such a small thing but it feels so good!
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    I went in for my yearly mammogram yesterday, and totally flustered the technician. She thought she had the wrong person's records. Finally she asked if I had lost a large amount of weight. Yep, 75 pounds. She had to get out different equipment.
  5. groundedsteve's Avatar
    walking through the house, my pajama bottoms fell down.
  6. Little Verbena's Avatar
    Looking down and seeing my toes!
  7. Metread's Avatar
    My husband can put his arms around me... All the way around me, with room to spare
  8. Deejaycee76's Avatar
    Giving away processed, fattening sh*t in my house to my ex wife... secretly hoping she eats it all and packs it on her ass. Sorry, I'm a little evil. BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  9. Angella67's Avatar
    Buying clothes from the juniors section NOT the plus size section!
  10. Angella67's Avatar
    AND feeling/seeing my collar bone, hip bones and ribs!
  11. LOVINGCOMET71's Avatar
    I haven't been sleeved yet but i can't wait to wake up in the morning and my feet and back not hurt, i know its crazy but i hear so many people say that they are almost pain free now.
    I,m READY ! ! !
  12. kenziesmom_2000's Avatar
    my son (he's 7) wrapped his arms around my waist!
    my shorts fell off when i was climbing my stairs!
    people I havent seen in a while saying "WOW you look GREAT!!!!"
    going down pant sizes
    being able to bend and breathe simultaneously!!!!!!
  13. PR8R's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Deejaycee76
    Giving away processed, fattening sh*t in my house to my ex wife... secretly hoping she eats it all and packs it on her ass. Sorry, I'm a little evil. BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    Tried to like million times
  14. jarnols's Avatar
    I am throwing away my old holey grannies panties(size18/20) because now I can fit into my smaller sized cute panties (size 14)....lol
  15. Trophywifesoon's Avatar
    My laser craft is a flying saucer that doesn’t use any on-board propulsion, instead relying on a ground-based laser to provide thrust. Energy from the laser gets reflected around the edge of the saucer, which concentrates it to heat the air to temperatures five times hotter than the surface of the sun. The air then explodes, pushing the craft up and forward. I’ve been flying for years, and was really just waiting on a big enough laser to make something that I can ride in a little more practical. My craft can only hover 1/8 of an inch with my current weight and thrust laser. I’m hoping with my gastric sleeve I’ll be able to make full propulsion. I will post my updates as they become available.