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Day 5 Post Op - Am I eating Right?

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So far I can get in about 2 oz of fluid a hour. I'm afraid to do more because I don't want to throw up. I'm not sure if the pressure in my chest is due to fullness or gas because it's almost always there. Can anyone tell me how much fluid I should realistically be getting in, and how to reach that goal?

I've also had diarrhea since I've been home from the hospital. Not a whole lot, but enough to be concerned. I hope I'm not dehydrated. I will be seeing my doctor today about this.

Other than these two issues, I feel pretty good. I haven't taken any pain killers since I've been home, and I can walk further and further each day.

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  1. Khristine's Avatar
    I'm sure the pain in chest is still the gas. the more you walk the quicker that goes away. What about sucking/chewing on ice chips constantly. That is what I did in the hospital. I never felt like throwing up when I was just on fluids. I did use a baby spoon with my broth just to make sure I was taking it in very slowly. testing it out! lol Everyday gets easier! YOu are doing great!
  2. Adrianna90610's Avatar
    I am 3 weeks post op and I am still struggling with liquids. I know in time it will get easier
  3. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I experienced very much the same symptoms early on, especially diarehea which stopped when I began eating Greek yogurt (earlier than recommended back in 2011) Maybe you can ask the doc about eating that since it's the old theory, "liquid in, liquid out." Also gas is most likely causing that pain and feeling. Walk, walk, deep breath and take Gas X strips which helped me and lots of others that I know. It is hard getting liquids in, and a suggestion is to take small sips maybe like a shot glass full every so often. Some folks even set an alarm on their phone to remind them to drink. Popsicles helped me too. Good luck ladies, it really does get easier and it's so worth the beginning stages that seem so overwhelming. Continued success!!
  4. Ladeegee's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Today I find myself taking in much more fluid than yesterday. So I think Ms. Diva (my sleeve) is adjusting. I walked a lot more today, and my doctor says I progressing nicely, just take more protein.
  5. sraebaer's Avatar
    Be sure you get in your surgeon's minimum, mine was 64 ounces of liquid a day. You don't want to end up dehydrated and back in the hospital.
  6. Ladeegee's Avatar
    That's my surgeon's minimum for fluids too. He said I wasn't dehydrated today, but I need to seriously up my protein and fluid intake. He thinks that i need to change my protein shakes to Unjury, which I was using before surgery.
  7. Metread's Avatar
    It's very common to experience tightening in the chest when you are a few days out. As for the TMI issue, that's normal too. Liquids in, liquids out.
  8. Deejaycee76's Avatar
    Pretty sure you should be able to sip a little more than that. I was alternating 3 oz. of water with 3 oz of protein shakes every hr I was awake. It was tough. It didn't hurt, I was just always freakin full. So, TRY AND DRINK, DRINK, DRINK...especially the shakes. The protein is healing your sleeve You're swollen and constantly full. It's normal. And it gets better. Hang in there!