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How much of life was I missing?

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I always told myself that I could still do everything I wanted even if I was heavy. I was lying. My middle child goes to school in Jacksonville Florida (I know, tough life). Last year her father drove down with her from Maryland and helped her move in. This year my husband and I both came with her. On Friday morning we went and got all her stuff from her storage unit. When we got here we rented a car for ourselves. We filled both cars up twice with her stuff. Then we had to take it up to her third floor dorm room ( it was 95 degrees outside). My daughter kept saying that I could sit in the air conditioned room and wait for my husband and her to carry all the stuff up stairs. Last year and eighty pounds ago I would have. This time I didn't. My nephew also moved to Jacksonville this summer. He got drafted by the Jaguars football team. Last night was his first time playing professional football. Pre-season game against Tampa Bay. My Husand loves football so we got tickets. As we are driving in he said do you want me to drop you off out front while he parked. Nope. We hand to park quite far away. I had no problem walking in. Wasn't going super fast but still no problem. I could comfortably fit into the stadium seating. I had made sure I ate before going but the kid next to me with the soft pretzel was tempting. I just drank my water and watched the game. My nephew even played parts of the second half. He had gotten us passes to see him after the game. Had to wait around for about an hour with no place to sit. I was tired but I made it. After, my husband and I strolled back to the car. Usually I don't sleep well in hotel rooms. Had no problem last night. So maybe I could have done all that before having the sleeve but would I have. Personally I know I wouldn't have. How much of life was I missing?

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  1. Maria2089's Avatar
    I know exactly how you feel! I have done so much in the last few months that I would have never done or even tried to do! I push myself everyday to try new things and have little victories! Even small things like not being irritated that I have to park far from a store. I climbed a waterfall with my uncle and sister last month. I was getting so tired and I just kept seeing steps in front of me but I was determined not to give up and when I got to the top I was not disappointed! Two months ago I climbed to the top of the Notre Dame in Paris! If I had given up I would have never known what the beautiful view was like! I don't give up anymore because when I reach the destination I never regret the journey! Keep up the awesome work!!!!
  2. Joe Poppa's Avatar
    In a nut shell, I am going to live life for now on as "Carpe Diem" (seize the day), appreciate life's simpler pleasures and be grateful of the lifestyle changes I made.
  3. Jus1605's Avatar
    I can't wait to feel the same way, it must be so good, I get sleeved in 10 days and can't wait. Congratulations and best of luck
  4. OOOWEEBABY!'s Avatar
    I loved reading this blog of yours! You are so right. It is wonderful to be able to do things that you couldn't do before. Empowering, even! Just you wait! It gets better and better. This time next year, who knows?? You might just be one of those babes swimming in the stadium pool during the game! It is also nice to read your input on being in Jacksonville, my home and hometown! Best wishes to your daughter on a great school year and to your nephew, the new Jag!
  5. SethP's Avatar
    At first I thought you were writing my Biography. I used to say all the time that my weight doesnt stop me from doing anything I want. In part that was true because as I got bigger I wanted to do less. The biggest UhOh moment came for me when my last child was 2 and I couldnt get up from the floor from playing cars with him. I had to get my wife to assist me in getting up, this is when I KNEW I wasnt living any more but just existing. Life is NOT a spectator sport and I am glad to say that with the help of Steve the Sleeve, I am back in the game. Godspeed on your journey.
  6. Judi2's Avatar
    Congratulations on your life changes! I take it you're talking about Bortels? It was a great game! I'm a knight and we miss him.
    Enjoy your new life, I can't wait!
  7. Ann2's Avatar
    Great, great post.

    Yes, that is what unlived life feels like for the obese -- not doing what everybody else can do.