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Journey Tobeme

Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Some people take a lot of time to make a choice on the type of gastric surgery they want. They weigh out their options, consider all relevant information. I was one of those sort of.I think my decision was fairly easy. I had to find something to fit my life.

Lap Band: Not happening for me. I do not want something inside my body. I do not want to have injections every so often. The success rate just wasn't enough to make me think it was a great tool for me.

Gastric bypass: I had a friend who has had a horrible experience. She is so malnourished she is 42 and in a wheelchair. I know it is rare but I watch a vibrant friend full of life become an underweight medical test. In addition, I have Hashimoto. Alone Hashimoto can cause malabsorption issues. I didn't need to add to that problem.

Gastric sleeve: The only thing left inside is the staples. No fills needed. Only the stomach is affected. Not changing my body's system just resetting it to pre-obesity. It is like a do over.

The decision wasn't hard for me. Before the sleeve became a procedure I use to think how nice it would be if they could just do the stomach part of the bypass. Then it was there. Obviously other people were thinking it also.

That is how I came to my decision. Not really a lot of thought to put down in a blog. No story is complete though without the first decision.

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  1. kenziesmom_2000's Avatar
    those were my exact thoughts -- exactly how i came to my decision of the sleeve! great minds think alike!!! lol
  2. Journey Tobeme's Avatar
    I saw my friend who had the bad surgery over the weekend. I asked her if she has any regrets. She said "everyday". My heart hurts for her. Sadly, I am glad I didn't do gastric bypass years ago. But I am ready for the sleeve now.
  3. natex14's Avatar
    Great blog and I went through the same decision process.