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I can't believe that's me!

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(And I'm talking about the before picture)
Now that I'm below goal, I guess I can officially have before and after pictures....

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  1. greenmomma's Avatar
    You look amazing! Your stomach is so flat! Rock that sleeve girl.
  2. Little Verbena's Avatar
    Great work!!!
  3. mrsjoe's Avatar
    Wow! It looks like you have worked so hard! Congratulations! You're awesome!
  4. Xanadu's Avatar
    Wow! You look AMAZING!!!
  5. Ann2's Avatar
    Ooooo ... look at that tummy, those guns, that butt. Whatever you are doing, you just keep doing it. Just fabulous!
  6. Narasweet's Avatar
    Stunning result, well done
  7. Vilma777's Avatar
    What do you eat? And how long do you workout for? I want those results ! You look amazing. I have only lost 16 pounds since my surgery in June.
  8. Kindle's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! It feels great and I'm so glad I took that horrible before picture...it is my motivation to never be that unhealthy again. Vilma, I sent you a PM.
  9. Terps's Avatar
    You are one hot chick!!! Your abs are concave!!! I also would love to hear about your food and workout routines. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!!
  10. Luann's Avatar
    Wow, look at you! So tiny and all that muscle tone. You are amazing!
  11. Paulette21's Avatar
    Oh my!! I would also like to hear what you've done to obtain those kind of results. Congratulations!!
  12. Jospugjake's Avatar
    Omg. Keeps me motivated, ty
  13. Angela823's Avatar
    Awesome! You look great!
  14. julesdeck's Avatar
    You are rocking it out honey!!! You may have lost your bum, but damn you look fantastic!!! Can't wait to join you.
    ps - had an amazing ride on my mare today, felt good to be able to get on her without straining.
  15. bek123's Avatar
    Wow great job! Amazing!
  16. Ghada's Avatar
    You look amazing, great job, can you share how long it took you and what do you think that help to achieve those result, thanks
  17. jfergie's Avatar
    You look awesome. I am like Vilma I would like to know what you are eating and how long you exercise.
  18. Akgrl's Avatar
    Great job
  19. Ms. Jupiter's Avatar
    Congratulations! You look awesome. You are one buff chick!
    Your arm definition is amazing, and a flat stomach to boot. Great job!!!
    Your hard work really shows.
  20. kacie77's Avatar
    I'm sorry but that is just BADASS!!! You look awesome...congrats on all your hard work!
  21. Kindle's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! Sorry I don't have any magic formula to share, my plan is really quite basic but here you go....

    What do I eat? Pretty much whatever I want. For the first 6 weeks I followed my surgeon's meal plan to a T and transitioned slowly through the food stages (very good restriction did not allow for "skipping ahead"). As hard as it was, I met protein and water goals 90% of the time. Once I was on regular food I focused on protein and non starchy veggies. Steak, burger, ham, ribs, pork, chicken, BBQ, tuna, refried beans, eggs, milk, protein bars, PB2, Greek yogurt, avocados, cheese, cottage cheese, mixed nuts, beef and turkey jerky, broccoli, spinach, kale, green and yellow beans, mushrooms, red peppers, edamame, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, Chinese mixed veggies, you name it.... V8 juice if I think I'm not getting enough veggies.

    Now at 7 months out I have a 24-32oz protein smoothie with 30-40g protein everyday and eat 4-5 meals and snacks. I get a MINIMUM of 64oz water daily and I take whole food based vitamins. I have had sweets, deserts, chips, fries, alcohol, bread, pasta and rice, but in moderation and probably not even once/week. As I got close to and passed goal, I started adding more fruit and whole grains to the stuff I listed above. Besides protein bars (Natures Valley Protein, GNC Lean Bars, Fiber One Protein) I added whole grain bars like Kind, Kashi Pumpkin Flax, and Pure Ancient Grains. I snack on mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, edamame, peanut butter and apples, frozen pineapple, melons, and plain Fage or Chobani Greek yogurt flavored with protein powder. I add berries and other fruit as well as Metamucil and benefiber to my protein smoothie. But really, the simple answer is I eat a healthy, balanced diet of protein (always first priority) veggies, fruit and whole grains. I eat when I'm hungry and only until satisfied, not full. Besides protein and water, I never tracked anything. I have no idea how many calories or carbs or fat I eat.

    My workout routine? Sorry, Don't have one...Haven't been to a gym in years. Immediately postop I walked a lot but that was pretty much to help with digestion and to decrease the bloated feeling I had. I rode my recumbent bike 20-30 minutes/day for awhile but I haven't been on it in a couple weeks. I actually just have a very active lifestyle. I work 60+ hours/ week. I am a vet tech, so I'm standing, squatting, bending, twisting, lifting and walking all day. On the weekends I ride my horse, sometimes 20 miles/day (which is an excellent Pilates and thigh master workout if you are riding "correctly"). And along with the horses comes chores...shoveling shit, fixing fences, hauling water, feeding and stacking hay. For example, I went and got 42 bales of hay this weekend. Each bale weighs 80 pounds and I had to lift and move each one 3 times (big stack to truck; truck to shed; stack in shed). So essentially I lifted 10,000 pounds in the last 2 days....and at least part of that over my head! I'll have to do that at least 4 more times before winter. Aaahhhh, winter....then comes the shoveling....

    And FYI, my after picture has an element of strategic posing and flexing. If I slump, I've got extra skin on my tummy. My boobs hang halfway to my belly button (I went from DD to B cup), and my butt and thighs and knees have lots of loose skin and lumpiness. But no one wants to see a picture of that

    Anyways, everyone's journey is going to be different. What works for me might not work for you. Just figure out what you are most comfortable with (establishing a workout routine and tracking everything is not a bad thing, it's just not what I did). And if you are still reading this, let me say my biggest advice is don't compare your weight loss to others. Concentrate on being healthy, don't torture yourself with guilt, keep a good attitude, and look for NSV's for validation, not the numbers on the scale.

    Happy sleevedom to all!
  22. may97vas's Avatar
    You look AMAZING! You are definitely rocking that sleeve life! Congratulations!
  23. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    I'm impressed and inspired!