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Silly question?

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I know this is silly but I keep seeing the letters "NSV" on different posts. What does this stand for? So I'm either showing my age or proving how new to this site I am. Probably a combination of both.

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  1. bmiller140's Avatar
    We should have our own acronym dictionary. NSV stands for Non Scale Victory. Something great that has happened to us that is not just a loss of weight.

    And by the way - there is no such thing as a silly question on this site.

    Good luck - Bonnie
  2. jarnols's Avatar
    I agree.. No silly questions here.
  3. Mich-D's Avatar
    The only silly question is the one not asked.
  4. lornadoone629's Avatar
    Also... you will see NUT on here a lot too. that's a shortcut for Nutrionist.
  5. maynardkhalo's Avatar
    Thanks for asking, I too wondered what that stood for!