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Super sick... Ended up in the ER

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Friday 7/25/14 I started throwing up violently in the morning. I couldn't keep anything down all day and left work early to go to my pcp. She of course was full so I saw a NP who didn't know me from Adam. She had no idea what to do with me, I told her about my sleeve and she gave me anti nausea meds. As I was walking out of the room my doctor was in the hall and said you look horrible. I explained what going on and she ordered blood work on the spot. At this point I'm so dehydrated I can barely function. She told me to call Saturday morning for results.... She just said hang in there and we'll figure this out. I went home crawled in bed and passed out. I wake up next morning with what I could only describe as the worst migraine I have ever had. I called and my results were good.And still throwing up if I drank or ate anything....my mom came over later that day and took me to the ER. They did blood work and everything came back fine as well. They pumped me with a liter of fluids and told me I needed to go see my pcp on Monday. So Sunday I felt a little better cause of all the fluids I got at the ER. Monday came around and feeling like crap again cause I can't drink enough to stay hydrated. She referred me to go get a endoscopy at gi of the Rockies. Since it was a urgent matter they got me in for the procedure on Tuesday. Everything was going well until they tried to up me under with feel good meds.... Needless to say they didn't work, I needed up awake for most of the procedure, it was not okay. It was painful and not a good experience. So I was crying on my way out if the procedure room and my endo doctor didn't give a damn that I was in pain and basically said it happens and was extremely rude. This was my first endo procedure ever. I will never go back there! The lady or nurse in recovery told me 2 days for my biopsy's results. Which would be today... No reSults! This is kinda urgent not eatting and barely drinking for a week. Luckily I've been doubling and tripling up on my anti nausea meds so I can drink and eat a little. I'm just super frustrated. My surgery was in Mexico so I don't have a sx here in the states. Anyone know anyone in colorado? Please let me know.

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  1. KajunKween's Avatar
    So sorry your having trouble. I wish I had advice to give, just hang in there, and I hope things get better for you.
  2. Terps's Avatar
    I'm so sorry and really sorry doctors are being insensitive. I'm in Colorado but don't have any recommendations. I hope you get this figured out and cleared up quickly.
  3. Ima Fox's Avatar
    MktMathis, Good luck to you. Your experience sounds so scary. Please drink as much water as you can. I've seen people's youtube videos where they became very sick & had to go to the ER. Basically, their problems were caused by dehydration. If you need some milk of magnesia, take it. Please let us know about your progress. ((((((MKTMathis)))))))).
  4. Marvinator's Avatar
    I had some days like that here and there due to dehydration. I made several ER trips. Its all behind me now and feels like a million years ago. Hopefully you will be able to look back on yours the same way.
  5. Peg's Avatar
    Soo sorry for your troubles,I was dehydrated 1 week post op.and I was very sick.my surgeon took one look at me and knew.try to sip water as best you clan.I know it is easier said than done.but you owe to yourself to keep trying to get that water in.sending prayers and hugs your way.
  6. donna1743's Avatar
    Get some pedalite or Gatorade try sip it from a sippy cup , this could be dehydration, some Dr. Are so mean they have no human kindness. You are in my prayer..try a sip then wait a minute then another slowly. ."....please let us know how you are doing....blessing
  7. janetm's Avatar
    Oh - I went down a similar road post-surgery - It took awhile but eventually the nausea stopped. It's very important to stay hydrated because dehydration makes the nausea and throwing up worse. The anti-nausea patches (you stick them on behind an ear) helped me. I was given really expensive anti-nausea meds but it was the cheap ear patches that helped in the end. It was hard when it was happening and I was hospitalized over Christmas but eventually the nausea was controlled. It's far behind me now ...

    Hang in there ... Like Marvinator said - hopefully you will soon be looking back on this as a distant memory.
  8. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    Very sad. So sorry.
  9. Toopie2Seater's Avatar
    So sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope your results are negative, and if they are, I agree with everyone else - it sounds like dehydration. Doesn't make much sense that when our bodies are low on fluids that something would occur (extreme vomiting) to actually worsen the deficit, but that's exactly what happens. Praying that the nausea eases, allowing you to consume the necessarry amounts of liquids to get better and stay better. Hugs.
  10. SarahBear's Avatar
    Could you have a stricture? Did they do a dilation with the endoscopy? If you're not keeping things down it could be a stricture. Call your PCP and ask.
  11. Ann2's Avatar
    If you're still looking for Colorado surgeons, see this thread:


    I hope you feel better very soon!
  12. BillyJ's Avatar
    I suggest you find a bariatric surgeon and go to him. My Dr in Tx told me he has seen many patients who went to Mexico and helped them out. You might want to call around and see if they are willing to take you on. Good luck.