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Head Hunger VS REAL Hunger

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Today has been challenging with being hungry. I can't tell if I'm actually hungry or not. Does anyone have any tips to combat this? I was considering chewing on ice but didn't know if that would be beneficial or not.

Oh, SN:
I see a lot of posts saying they have to be on a liquid diet for two weeks AFTER surgery but my doctor put me on mushy foods after being home. Is that strange? I've had pudding and a little bit of mashed potatoes so I don't think it's too bad.

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  1. llburbach's Avatar
    I am 3 weeks post op and I can never tell when I am hungry because I don't ever feel hungry. I do get an emptiness in my chest and belly area and that makes me think I should eat something. I do go through head hunger and when I have those feelings it is usually because I want to go back to my old eating......pizza, subway, French fries, DQ ice cream, cheeseburger.....and I don't even like red meat. lol

    Hope that helps explain what I feel about hunger and head hunger.

  2. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    I think head hunger is something we will battle with our entire lives. Keeping busy really helps me.
  3. Little Verbena's Avatar
    IT is very hard at first but the good news is you eventually figure it out. Early on a good rule of thumb is if you are following the guidelines (protein first, lots of fluids) then use the clock to measure how often you eat. If it has been three hours or more, then it is time to eat. Plan a breakfast, lunch and dinner with a snack in before lunch and before dinner. (or after dinner if you are a late night snacker). You should be able to space out your meals through out the day that way. remember to just use that as a guideline. If you are hungry between meals, drink water/fluid. If that is not keeping you satisfied, up your protein or carbs (staying within your nut's guidelines). Try different foods to keep you body / mind happy and switch it up. Track your food on a site like My fitness pal so you can get your nutritional values. Some days you can go to the limit of your carbs and keep you fat low, others you can go over on fats and keep your carbs low. That way your body gets everything it needs just not at every meal.
    I am ten months out and I still fight that urge to eat in the afternoon. Every day is a struggle. But every day it gets just a little bit easier.
  4. greenmomma's Avatar
    Anytime I think I'm hungry, I drink water. If that does it, then if don't eat, if i still feel hungry, I eat.
  5. julesdeck's Avatar
    I agree. A lot of times my sleeve talks to me and I'm usually due to drink more fluids more so than anything else. As far as food/hunger, I use the clock as my compass. 6 am bfast, 10 am small snack, 1:00 lunch, 4:00 sometimes a snack, depends, then 7:00 dinner. If I work out right after dinner, I may need something after that. I find I get tired if I don't eat like that since I am still on very small amounts. My goal is to be on 3 meals with 1 snack within the next few months.
  6. JAG322's Avatar
    So would it be safe to say that head hunger is more like cravings vs. the emptiness in the belly is real hunger? I haven't been sleeved yet but I can tell you that I don't think I've ever felt "full" one of my causes for my weight issue...good question
  7. thinmeskreamin's Avatar
    I think i still feel true hunger, just not as often.
  8. thinmeskreamin's Avatar
    I found it difficult inbthe beginning to distinguish hunger from dehydrated, as the nut putnit you should feel empty. ? But tummy was grinding ! Once I started addressing head hunger with fluids it resolved. Now its more the sugar drop , and empty feeling like you need something. Its alll very new and strange.
    Jag, younwill still crave. Most cravings I have can be squelched either nin a few bites (limiting those not so great for you items) Or with staying to basics. Protein first veggies second then any fruits if you have room , then starchy carbs. Keeping refined sugars and starchy carbs limited helps curb cravings for th
    em as they are quite addictive.
  9. tiffanytwilight's Avatar
    Yes!!! Exactly!! My stomach was growling so I thought, oh man this isn't head hunger, it's real. But now I know that head hunger can make your stomach do that. So I've been drinking my shakes and water and when it starts growling, I'm getting up and walking.