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Journey Tobeme

Insurance Company Guinea Pig

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That is me. Journey. I am Global Health's guinea pig on VSG. I am the first person (in Oklahoma) that they have approved to go to a consultation. First step, baby step, right?

Now don't get me wrong, I am super excited and feel so very blessed to have been randomly chosen for this amazing opportunity. But can I tell y'all a secret? I am also anxious, scared and feeling overwhelmed. I know how long and hard I have thought and dreamed of this surgery. I can only imagine others with Global Health have been doing the same. Their insurance fate rest on me. If I am a failure then Global Health will not offer coverage to others. That is a weight on my shoulder. Like I need more of that

The other side of the coin.....I am super motivated. I want to breeze thru this pre-surgery criteria, the surgery and the weight loss to show my insurance company WE ARE WORTH IT. I want to use this opportunity to give others hope.

I will post about pre surgery criteria in my next post. My insurance company is so new to this they sent the first criteria the week before my consultation. Then 2 weeks later sent a revised set that was closer to industry standards.

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  1. Texas59's Avatar
    The pre operation process for the States is what deters most people (I would think). It plays with your mind and is so stretched out that it makes one wonder if the surgery will ever happen.

    I do wish you well on your journey.

    Should your insurance company decline you for any reason. Consider Tijuana. I just completed my surgery there last week. It was wonderful and very cheap (by US Standands). Only 4500.00 total (and I do mean total)...except for the airfare to San Diego.
  2. Sharon77's Avatar
    This is very exciting news, Journey! We all have faith in you.
  3. sociologist's Avatar
    Best of luck:-)
  4. Journey Tobeme's Avatar
    Texas if I had the money I would have already went somewhere else for surgery. Unfortunately that isn't an option. Three years ago the company I was working for closed. Back then I could have easily paid for it but I was too busy at work. Now I work for a company with a boss who is very supportive but doesn't pay half of what I was making. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for my job and my boss. But money is an issue now.\

    Thank you everyone. Today is the next day and I am ready to tackle criteria!!!