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Just past 6 month Surgerversary.

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July 22 was 6 months since surgery. Aug 1st will be 7 months since I started pre op diet.

Quick update.

I'm down almost 100lbs.
Off all meds, can count on 1 hand the amount of times I had to take even a Tylenol.
No more sleep apnea.
Went from size 44 pants, and 3x shirt. To 32 pants and L shirt.
Love walking into a store and buying something off the rack, and looks like the current styles.
Went from sitting on the couch everyday, to working out 3-4 times a week at the gym. Working in the yard, etc...
LOVE seeing my reflection. Mirror, window I'll always take a peek. Not that I'm conceded, but it amazes me.
I am NO LONGER the FAT guy. The BIGGEST guy in the room.
My wife seems to love the NEW me. If you know what I mean.....
Most of all I LOVE THE NEW ME.

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  1. amandajane's Avatar
    Awesome job- congratulations!!
  2. Kimmi1981's Avatar
    Whit Wooo!!! Well done!!! Keep up the good work! x
  3. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Continued success! The best part if that you love you! It's a great journey
  4. may97vas's Avatar
    Awesome success! Congratulations!!
  5. eatpam's Avatar
    Congratulations! My guy had the sleeve surgery about 6 months before I did it. He has lost about 80 pounds and I know what you mean when you say, "New me". There is ummmm. more to love.
  6. HGfromOmaha's Avatar
    Congrats. Good stuff.
  7. Bombshell2Be's Avatar
    That's awesome! Glad you are living and loving life to the fullest!
  8. Paulette21's Avatar
    Way to rock that sleeve!!