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Some days it is so hard.....

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Somedays it is so hard for me stay positive. I am 43 days out since surgery and I have only lost 25 pounds. I have been rereading all my books on thyroid issues and trying to figure out how to get things moving. But it seems that once again my body is going to make things difficult. My thyroid is reacting to the surgery and is basically holding on the fat cells. So I am in a waiting game and my thyroid is once again calling the shots.

I love hearing about but everyone's success but it is heartbreaking to know that I may have taken out a loan for something that just isn't going to work for me. I had such high hopes for this surgery changing my life and I am beginning to realize it is just yet another failure. My body is once again refusing to let go of anything beyond 25 pounds. Five years of Jenny Craig and another five at WW and the most I could lose was 25. MY body seems to like those little fat cells almost as much as I hate them.

Congrats to all of you in your weight loss/life journey as I set on the side lines and watch others get what I so desperately have wanted for so very long.

Thanks for listening...just feeling brokenhearted.

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  1. Ema's Avatar
    I hear your frustration! I have no idea how tall you are or what your starting weight was, but I would not give up yet - not that you really have that choice! I am a shortie with hypothyroidism and it does mean weight loss is slower for me. Have you had your thyroid checked since surgery? Are you exercising?

    Remember, you are only a failure if you give up and, since you have no choice to give up, you are not a failure. Your hormones will return to normal as you continue and your feelings will even out as well. Hang onto feeling brokenhearted for tonight and then let it go.
  2. donna1743's Avatar
    I am 61/2 mos out and I average a pound every 4 to 8 days . You got to relax and quit worry about it the sleeve is a tool THAT REALLY WORKS. Just keep getting your protein and liquid and you will lose. Just cause you are not losing fast is not a reason to think you wasted your money. This is not a race this is a life long jounery and believe me it is the best thing that you could ever do for yourself . Read all the post on this forum and you will find out WE all go thru this. PLEASE. Keep your spirit up you can and will lose the weight. God Bless we are here for you.
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  3. acnichols's Avatar
    Also don't forget this was major surgery as well! Your body takes time to adjust. Everyone is different. I've read hundreds of these posts. The thing is that if your on here long enough you here the ones that are 8 months out a year tell the newer ones stop weighing. Focus on your protein and water intake. Focus on exercise! And before you know it the same person says wow I started moving now I'm a size ! It is amazing. Here's the big one trust in the process! Don't give up! You can and will do this!
  4. robin825's Avatar
    I think 25 pounds in 43 days is AMAZING!! WOW!
  5. lil_lisa's Avatar
    You could post your food and exercise and maybe someone here can help you figure out how to make it better for you, without that we have no way of knowing if you are following the plan or not and how you can improve your results. Good luck on your journey.
  6. ariggs's Avatar
    dont give up ....it just might be slower for you! 25lbs is still good!
  7. fri38cy's Avatar
    Thank you all.
    Ema-had my thyroid checked last week. I am also short
    I was just released last week to start exercising using machines and weights. This week so far I have walked 4 miles in two days and added weights and machines.
    I am keeping a closer eye on my protein to make sure I get 60oz and I am getting atleast 64+ oz of water.
    Today's attitude was much better. I agree with Donna I need to relax and just do what I am suppose to and wait for my body to realize this is the new normal.
    Thank you all for your support