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16wks Post-Op / Down 52lbs

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3 in a half months later and I'm down 52lbs.
This has been the best decision I could of ever made,My diabetes and HBP has dispersed. I no longer take any medication other then my Multi Vitamins.
With out this tool, I still would of been in the struggles of weight loss,managing Type 2 diabetes with insulin and consuming pills for High blood pressure,but thanks to my Surgeon/PCP that's no longer my case...
Since surgery I have followed the Rules/Instructions and all is well.
I now can eat up to 6oz a sitting and Drink up to 32oz-64oz a day.
I'll admit getting down either or can be difficult at times but for the most part I listen to my body some Days I'm hungrier then others or I'm really thirsty then most days overall I'm putting my tool to work.
I work out 5 days a week for 15-45min depending on my schedule.
(PowerSquats holding Weights) No Joke...lol
My Life now is pretty normal and on track I wouldn't change it for anyone or anything in this world.
Hope everyone is doing well and found happiness on there journey!!!

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  1. 12NVDiva's Avatar
  2. julesdeck's Avatar
    You are doing great. Hopefully I can say the same when I get to 16 weeks.
  3. Vande's Avatar
    Thanks Diva!!!
  4. Vande's Avatar
    Thank you JDeck
    Your doing great as well,Obey the rules and you'll shall seek better results week after week...
  5. dynomite's Avatar
    Great job!!! keep doing it girlie!!
  6. Vande's Avatar
    Thanks Dy, kudos to you as well!