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Hospital visit today!

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I cannot say how excited I am! Today I did all of my pre op work at the hospital. When I first walked in and smelled all that hospital smell; I felt a bit sick to my stomach. But as I found where I was going and then met the nice nurse assisting me. I calmed down! I am very thankful that I was able to go there 4 days before my surgery. Now I know exactly where I need to go on Monday, no admissions necessary, no id, nothing they said! The less the better! They went over everything that will happen. I got to talk to the nurse that assists my doctor's office. I could ask any and all questions; she had all the answers! Being the type A personality that I am; all of this is going to make my surgery such a breeze! Good luck to all of us having surgery next week! ((hugs))

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  1. wannabeslim2014's Avatar
    Good luck to you Khristine :-) look forward to hearing about your journey x