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3 days post-op

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Any advice on when the pain stops? I'm also having bouts of coughing which intensifies the pain. Have not been sick to my stomach at all, so that's all good, and have been walking as much as I can. But when I walk I find I'm holding my belly due to the pain. Is this normal? I can't take prescription pain meds so I'm just takin Tylenol.

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  1. tlc2014's Avatar
    The pain does go away just do a lot of walking . My went away in about 8 days
  2. JRay143's Avatar
    I'm also 3 days post-op. I just went outside with my husband for the first time for a walk.
    I've been walking around the house a lot, but this was my first time to get out of the house.

    I also found myself holding my belly...it almost felt like something was "jiggling" inside and it hurt pretty bad.
    I've heard the pain (and the gas pains) last about a week.

    Good luck!
  3. bmiller140's Avatar
    Did your doctor give you an abdominal binder? It is like a large wrap around corset. It supports your abdomen and will reduce the pain. Great help if you cough. If you don't have one, you could use a large ace bandage or two.

    If you are still having pain from gas, be sure to walk. Gas-X Strips will melt on your tongue and really help with the gas pains too.

    Be sure to rest and sip protein shakes and water. You need to take in 1 ounce of fluid every 15 minutes. Sip, sip, sip.

    Good luck - Bonnie
  4. catrolian's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear you are hurting. Sending good vibes your way and wishing you well!
  5. Mzzsugar's Avatar
    I ordered a binder from Amazon. I want to have everything that makes this surgery a little less difficult.
  6. ariggs's Avatar
    use the binder if you have one. I took it off when I got home thinking I didnt need it ...that lasted about a day! I used it for several days just holds it all in.
  7. Ella-Ann35's Avatar
    Today I ended up in the ER, dehydration, constipation, and who knows what else. Feeling miserable. Trying to get back on track.