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Wanting it to happen!!

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I will be one month on the 9th of July and my weight doesn't seem to be moving as fast as I feel it should. I have lost somedays 23 and other days 24. I have gained and lost that one pound for a week now. I don't know how to get my body to let go. This has been my fear on every program that I have ever done 25 has been my limit. Once I hit that I can no longer lose anything. I want to break that cycle and get out of the 300's. I just keep waiting for my body to realize that this is the new normal and it is time to let go of the weight.

I was hoping to go back to school with a 50 pound lose but with my thyroid fighting and my body I will be lucky if I hit 30 at this rate.

Just a little disappointed that I don't feel like I am losing. I have noticed some of my clothes feeling lose but still a little disappointed.

Working on getting my positive attitude back.
Don't want to be a failure once again.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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  1. natex14's Avatar
    Remember that this surgery is a life long, not a quick fix. Just relaxe and enjoy the ride, you will be losing in no time, but it will be a rollercoaster of emotion if you let this journey control you. Stay positive and be patient.
  2. aliveandwell's Avatar
    girl...i am right here with you on slow weight loss.. i lost 9 pounds the first week then stalled for 3 weeks. tomorrow is my 5 week surgery date and i have only lost 13 pounds.. i have juggled up and down daily.. and I'm still not eating solids.. i tried to eat chicken and fish...but i threw it up.. I'm trying to be positive also.. its really hard not to lose what everyone one else is posting...its very frustrating...im trusting the process.. there is no other option... but to trust the process....i go to bed hungry and wake up hungry... I'm following all the rules....so.....im just waiting!!!! its gotta work!!!!
  3. ariggs's Avatar
    right there with you! same pound up and down! everyone says throw away the scale so i have not weighed in over a week now! water water water and protein. Im just now 6wks out and just this week hitting my protein goal and water goal consistently and of course excercise! Ive done some but not consistent. So this week Im following the program to the T. Best wishes to you, Im sure we will both start loosing again soon!