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Today's the day!!

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Hi all,
Well, today is day 0, this is it! Surgery is in 7 hours. I have so many emotions. Looking forward to the day that I can say this is the best decision I ever made but I know it's a long process. Prayers welcome. Thanks for all the great posts that have been so helpful.

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  1. wannabeslim2014's Avatar
    Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery :-) x
  2. alyson1975's Avatar
    Good luck hope everything goes ok and tomorrow you are saying what was all the fuss lol x
  3. ssc22880's Avatar
    Good luck!!
  4. Sonya's Avatar
    All the best! See you on the sleeve-side!! Quick recovery!
  5. Randi605's Avatar
    Looking forward to hearing from you!!! Healing thoughts headed your way