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I did it!

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ID:	20030I just had to share. I did it! I climbed the Manitou Incline this morning. This was my goal to complete by the end of the summer, but I had to move my timetable up as they will be closing it for repairs in August. To put some stats on the Incline it is only 1 mile long, but it rises 2000 ft in elevation over the course of that mile. The Incline base used to be a cable car that went up the side of Pikes Peak. Some Olympic Athletes can climb this in 20 minutes. I am no where near this, but time was not important to me. I climbed it in 1.5 hours and then took another 1.5 hours to descend the 4 mile trail off to the side. So a total of 3 hours, but I did it! I'm so proud of myself and so happy I proved that I could do it.

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  1. alyson1975's Avatar
    Well done what an acomplishment x
  2. Rocksjourney13's Avatar
    Looks amazing to me. Well done, well done.
  3. bigjohn's Avatar
    Great Job, keep up the good work!
  4. greenmomma's Avatar
    Wow, good for you! That looks amazing and you are amazing for having done it. Rock that sleeve!
  5. janetm's Avatar
    yeah!!! great NSV ... congratulations!