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I'm approved! Here we go!

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Wow! I could not believe it when I received the letter from BCBS of Arizona telling me they had approved my surgery! I think the longer you wait; the more you want it. I have been through many trying times with getting approval. When I first went in to see Dr. Potter, his nurse was surprised that I was there and I thought I would be lucky to get approval. My weight that day was 221 and I am 5'4. BMI of 37.9. Dr. Potter was more reassuring; he promised to do everything that he could to get me approved for the surgery. My other medical issues were high blood pressure and my knees bothered me (however; this was an undocumented medical concern). He said we would have to do some more tests to see if there was another reason for me to have the surgery. I have heard from most everyone that you have to have a High BMI and 2 other medical reasons. Uncertainty once you begin the process and know you want the sleeve; leads to stressfulness! I saw my primary care physician (got a nice letter from him!); completed the blood work; the sleep study; passing them all with flying colors. I did my 6 week journal while eating healthy and lost 16 pounds. I told myself, if I did not approval then I can keep doing this and lose it on my own. Wait! How many times have I told myself that? Many times, that is why I am still in the situation that I am! And here I am 2 months later and I have gained 6 pounds back.

Monday, June 30, I begin my 14 day liquid diet. I feel in the right frame of mind. It is summer, so having a lot of cold protein drinks shouldn't be too difficult!

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  1. natex14's Avatar
    Congratulations. That is awesome news. Good luck.
  2. lmdee73's Avatar
    Awesome news! I was one of the lucky ones. The only thing my insurance required was a BMI over 40, but I do understand the frustration of jumping through hoops! Hang on tight! The next few weeks will FLY and the next thing you know you'll be joining us on the sleeved side!
  3. aliveandwell's Avatar
    hi hon.. i got your private message about starting at a lower weight to begin with..and loosing slower.... ya know.... i really don't know why its going soooo slow... its soooo not fair and extremely frustrating to see all the big losses in the first 3 weeks.. i lost 5 pre op.. and 9 the first week then stalled for 3 weeks..today is my week 4... the scale finally moved 1 pound down yesterday and then back up 1 pound today... I'm sooooo confused..cuz I'm doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!!! but I'm just trusting the process..ya know.. SO,,,,PLEASE DO NOT...NOT...NOT...COMPARE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS TO ANYONE ELSE... it may go fast it may go slow..but either way it goes...im here for ya!!! I know i have lost a few inches... so remember to measure yourself... i seem to have lost in my face...and boobs...isnt that nice? (sarcastic) TRYING TO BE POSITIVE!!!!! and people on this website help me with that... keep me posted!!! xxxxx