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Day 4 post op

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Well, it all happened on Wednesday! I was so busy trying to get work situated I forgot to post before surgery. Now, it is four days after surgery and I feel really good.

The pain was minimal and mostly gas. But thanks to all the sleeves on here I was prepared for that and told my recovery room nurse I need to get moving. Did not use the pain pump much after that just one shot before going to sleep for the night in the hospital. My wife informs me that the nurse was very pleased with me and I was great patient, if she told me to do something I did it, pretty simple.

Came home the next day and started walking around the block to keep me moving. I do struggle with getting all my fluids in but as I type, I am on round two of a chocolate decaf iced coffee. 20oz plus 25g of protein going down well. I do find I get tired after drinking protein and I definitely feel full. I have had no hunger but when the wife makes dinner for everyone else it sure does smell good.

I am going to try and avoid weighing myself until I see the Dr on the 3rd. I know as long as I stick to the book I received pre surgery and follow it to the t, I will have lost some by then.

Looking forward to my new life!

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  1. Terps's Avatar
    Hey Bryce, we have the same surgery date! Glad you're doing well. That chocolate iced coffee sounds good. I'm living on juice, coconut water, and broth. Here's to a quick and successful recovery!
  2. Randi605's Avatar
    Uneventful is wonderful! Best of luck as you continue your journey. I have my consult on July 2nd and am hopeful
  3. mlocket777's Avatar
    I do hope my surgery goes this well. Sounds perfect! Surgery date for me is the 22nd of July and I am so looking forward to it!
  4. acnichols's Avatar
    Best of luck to you! My journey starts the fifth of August. Thank you for sharing your story. It means a lot to us that are following