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6 Month Surgiversary 17.06.14

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OMG - I cannot believe it was my 6 month surgiversary on the 17th. How my life has improved - beyond my wildest dreams.
Pre-op Diet: 256lbs
Surgery day: 239
Today: 169 - Loss: 87lbs

I am now 14 lbs from my personal goal weight of 154lbs but to be honest, if I didn't lose another ounce it would not worry me. I am now a size 10 (sometimes 8) which is something I NEVER thought I would achieve again.

I am still losing but a little more slowly which is good because I do not want to go beyond my goal weight. I exercise moderately only. I eat what I want and don't count calories, carbs etc. I am mindful of my protein and fluid content only. I can't eat the really fatty stuff anyway so my diet is pretty healthy. I do have chocolate 3-4 times week as my treat but a very small quantity (2 squares).

Food is no longer my focus and I eat when I am hungry (yes I do get hungry but am satisfied very quickly). Yes the first few weeks are not pleasant and I still have trouble with reflux but it is diminishing but six months down the track there are very few side affects.

The most money I have EVER spent on myself but SOOOOO worth it.

Life is GOOD.
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  1. Kindle's Avatar
    I just had my 6 month anniversary and our journeys sound nearly identical. Congrats and yea to us!!
  2. dbcassidy's Avatar
    Congratulations on your anniversary. You look great!