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It's getting close!!

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Saw my surgeon today and all that needs done is paper work sent into insurance for approval, get cardiology clearance letter, get surgery date and do 2 week pre-op and I'm on my way to a whole new way of living. I am so ready to have this done. Thanks to all the post on here that I've been reading for the past 4 months, they have me so prepared for getting sleeved. It's funny I have no fears or even second thoughts about the what if's. I've come to realize that I need this for number one uno -- ME! I have a great support group with family and friends, they are so excited for me, sometimes I think more than me. So as it looks I may be looking at around July 21, depending on how fast the office gets my insurance paper work sent in, I hope real soon. So until then, see you all on the otherside.

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