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Went well

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Had my surgery on Monday the 9th and everything went really well.
Was off pain meds during the day Tuesday and only requested them at night after walking 3 times around the hospital floor for the second time that day.
Remember being in recovery in and getting sick but other wise no upset tummy. Still tired and sleeping but planning on bumping up my activity next week. And ready to eat some turkey and chicken next week.

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  1. alyson1975's Avatar
    It's nice to hear everything went well its very comforting to us up coming sleevers.
  2. Shaneece28's Avatar
    Your doctor letting you eat turkey and chicken next week?
  3. lundbergmn's Avatar
    You should be on liquids for 2 weeks!!! Let your sleeve heal! Don't push it!
  4. fri38cy's Avatar
    I see him this week and should get the next stage of my diet. Which is (moist soft canned, deli or fresh chicken and turkey) Tuna cottage cheese, string cheese mashed potatoes and a few other things but I can't remember.
    I am ready for something other than broth.
    My sister was eating chicken a week after she had gastric bypass.