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One week post-op ...

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Well, i am actually 8 days post op I guess, but we'll call this my one week check in for myself.

I feel really great. So much better than I thought I'd feel at this point.

Liquids/Protein: I still have a hard time getting all my liquids in but I'm doing pretty well on my protein finally. One thing I just don't understand is how we can drink so much and not stretch our sleeve/stomachs out. There are times I'm drinking a protein drink (skim + powder) and I just feel so full. Now of course the Isopure clear protein drinks don't make me feel so full, but I can only drink so much of that stuff before it gets old.

Exercise: I have been walking more and more each day. Yesterday, my daughter and I took our puppy on a 1/2 mile walk, and it felt just fine to me. I'm not power walking by any means just yet, haha.

Pain: Still hurts ... maybe I should say it's uncomfortable ... when I bend over to pick something off the ground and when I pull myself out of bed. And, I think I stretched something out a little when I tried to get out of my daughter's bed a couple of nights ago after laying with her to read stories ... but, i am determined to take it easy until that feels better.

Work: I went back to work on Monday, so I only took 5 days off, but I also work from home and can get up and move or walk when I want to. My boss is completely aware that if i'm away from my computer for a while, it's because I'm moving or resting.

Couple of things I've noticed ...
- I haven't felt like I've had to urinate. And this is so strange to me, someone who probably went to the bathroom like every 1/2 hour before. This morning was the first time I really felt like i needed to urinate. Guess things take a while to wake up.
- Constipation/Diarrhea - strange yesterday I had constipation in the morning and this awful bout of diarrhea right before bed. I'm guessing something didn't agree with me yesterday.
- I noticed some redness on my thighs which I'm watching. It does itch or burn or anything, but I'm scheduled to go to my regular doctor tomorrow, so i'll let him check it out unless I see it getting worse and need to do something prior to that appointment.

So starting weight was 219
Day of surgery weight was 200
Today i'm at 193 (8 days out)
I'm only 5' 2" and that is pushing it

I'm happy and although I will say I thought "what the heck did i do to myself" when I was laying there in the hospital that first night, I don't feel that way anymore.

Hope everyone else is going really well with their recoveries!

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  1. Ms. Jupiter's Avatar
    Sounds like you're doing great. You will be sore for awhile but it will get better everyday.
    I still get sore ( the muscles around my sleeve ) if I work a long shift and am on my feet all day.
    I think the first two months I called more then the average patient about these little pains. I probably drove them crazy. They never once sounded concerned when I explained what I was feeling. The doctor would tell me to take Ibuprofen and slow down.
    Two very busy youngsters,... slow down??? And a 80 pound puppy???? Ha ha ha ha.
    You will be amazed how fast you will start feeling back to normal. Especially if you keep walking.