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Any help or ideas???? As the day goes on I have been getting very tired lately. Up at 5am. Work, gym, usually shot by 9pm. I take B12, Multi V, protein shakes as well as eat. Check up on blood work came back normal, except was told to increase my protein. Showed low. Any thing I can buy or eat to add a pep in the step? Looks bad when I'm at the gym yawning, but at least I'm there......lol

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  1. smile38's Avatar
    Maybe you need more sleep? I do ok on 8 hours, but 10 hours is the best for me. Sounds like your keeping up on everything else -- fluids? You didn't mention those - make sure your getting your water in.

    Best Wishes!
  2. candik's Avatar
    For the first few months after surgery I was dead tired by 8:30 and would go to bed. My body was telling me it needed more rest so I listened. Its better now but I'm still ready to go to bed by 10:30-11:00.
  3. mokaza's Avatar
    I was also tired all the time. At two months out I complained to my regular Doctor. She told me to stop all my blood pressure pills. Before surgery I had been taking two a day. By two months I was down to a half pill. Within a couple of days the tiredness got better. Maybe it's a medicine problem?
  4. SpringRose's Avatar
    I had this same issue- and still feel sluggish, A LOT.

    What is your daily protein and calorie intake? I was told to increase both of mine and it helped.
  5. klecko's Avatar
    I am off all meds. I am bad at tracking liquid, calorie and protein intake. I'm going to have to do a journal for a week or so to track everything.