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Hi all!

I just got back from a business trip to NYC. I was concerned about eating right while there, though I wasn't too worried about not getting my exercise in. Everything worked out well! I averaged 12,0000+ steps a day and even got to run in Central Park. I was able to skip the breakfasts provided at the conference most mornings as pastries and fruit featured prominently with nary a bit of protein in sight. There was a lovely little bodega a block away where I could get bacon and eggs and a Starbucks just a few doors down where I could get soy milk for my coffee as I had no way to store it if I'd purchased it at the grocer.

I took a lot of pictures including the ones below, and I'd like to change one to my profile picture, but I haven't figured out how to do it. If anyone knows would you mind sharing?

I hope everyone has a blessed day!
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  1. Angella67's Avatar
    You look amazing!!! Congrats on a successful trip! I think you can change your profile picture in the control panel tab. Good luck!
  2. Ckruts's Avatar
    Thank you! It worked and I felt silly because that was the one tab I hadn't checked.
  3. Cfamily6's Avatar
    Your skin looks amazing!
  4. Ckruts's Avatar
    Thank you! I don't really do anything different to it since sleevedom, but I appreciate the compliment
  5. jduford's Avatar
    Glad you had a great trip!