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9 more days!!

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9 days and counting until surgery. Going tomorrow for my pre op testing, blood work, gall bladder sono, and upper GI exam, should make for an intersting day. Especially since the last time I had a tube down my throat was to sono my heart last year and that was the worst thing I had expereinced in while. Have to say was not a big fan of the pre op diet on days 1-4, but today (day 6), I am no longer having any "cleansing" issues and feel really good. I know I have lost some weight already as indicated by how I have to keep pulling up my pants. To be fair though I have been waling almost 6 miles a day while on vacation last week so I am sure that may have something to do with it. I will know for sure how much when I visit the Dr's office tomorrow.

I do believe I made my first NSV last week as well. Made a trip to Duck Donuts in Williamsburg VA, so my family could enjoy some hot fresh donuts. The smell was very tempting but I only watched them being made and seeing my family enjoy them was fullfilling enough for me. I also passed on some DD on the way home Sunday, not even a decaf coffee.

I know I have a long road ahead of me still, but I must say I am starting to like the new me.

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  1. bmiller140's Avatar
    Good luck. Don't forget to take Gas X Strips to the hospital. They are amazing and really help take care of the gas pains.
  2. Fae's Avatar
    Best of luck on your journey to a better, healthier you.
  3. tc011483's Avatar
    Congrats and good luck! I felt like a totally different person before my surgery even happened and it was pretty amazing! Now, 8 days out, I still don't feel great, but it is great to know where I'm heading!