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This is it!!

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This is my last night before my surgery.
Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning.
Feeling a little scared, anxious and unsure of what is on the other side.
I have done 9 days of broth, yogart, pudding and j-ello.
I have second guessed myself all the way up today and have thought what the hell I am thinking.
But I want something different.
I want a different life and I have done everything else so this is the next step.
Going to try to go to bed early tonight because it is going to be an early day tomorrow.
It is time to take the next step.....
I am glad I found this site everyone stories has given me hope that I will succeed with this tool.

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  1. Graciegurl's Avatar
    You can do it!!!!!! Check out my group for positive messages! Positive Thinking That Lead To Positive Changes

    Have a safe journey and let us all know how you are doing once you are on the *sleeved* side of life!!!!
  2. alyson1975's Avatar
    good luck hope all goes well
  3. Lorna's Avatar
    You'll do great! Congratulations and good luck!
  4. Pooky's Avatar
    Wishing you the best. You will do great!
  5. vonik's Avatar
    Good luck, best wishes you'll do great!!