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3rd day out - ugh the liquids and protein

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Today was a pretty busy day. I'm really hoping I didn't overdo itI certainly didn't rest very much, but I am now though.

I seriously don't know how you get all your liquids in the first few days after surgery. Before surgery- bring it on - i always drank at least 64 oz of water, etc. Also protein shakes - pre-op not a problem of course. Now, I am struggling to get 40+ oz liquids in and almost all of that is protein shakes. I think today I only managed to get in 48 G protein even. I used to be such a gulper too, and now I am totally afraid to take too big of a "sip" and pay for it.

I did manage to get down a whole 2 oz of yogurt; 1 oz of fat free refried beans and 2 oz of low fat cottage cheese mixed with unsweetened applesauce. I was proud of myself for that, but now I need to work on the liquids.

I did get some unflavored protein powder from Unjury. I was thinking I should add some to each of my meals and then maybe even try it in some crystal light. Ive been drinking these Isopure drinks that come in the bottles. They are ok, but i'm getting a little sick of the flavors or maybe it's just the taste of them in general already.

I don't know if i've read about anyone getting sick from drinking too much liquids, but I'm sure if you drink too fast, you pay for that. I just keep saying to myself 64 oz a day is a lot! Of course, everything is a pain in the rear when you HAVE to do it right? haha

Tomorrow, Sunday, I am going to make a nice big meal for my family. It really doesn't seem to bother me to be around other foods that I can't have ... at least at this point. but my husband has been such a good soul to not bring out my favorites and eat them in front of me.

Tomorrow is another day, and i'm just taking it one day at a time. I really haven't had any complications outside of having a few dry heaves that last two days and obviously gas, which i have to think everyone has. But my gas is finally passing so it's not painful anymore at least. And this might be too much TMI, but I'm curious when we should expect to have a bowel movement. I haven't since two days before surgery - I'm not in any discomfort, but I am wondering if i should break out the baby food prunes soon to try to get things moving.

I hope everyone has a great evening/day depending on where you are.

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  1. bmiller140's Avatar
    Wow. I can't believe that you aren't on a liquid diet. I am on all liquids for 3 weeks. Only taking in 1 oz every 10 minutes. Drinking protein shakes and soup. With the shakes I am getting in 40 - 60 grams protein per day but not hitting my fluid target yet.

    Not telling you not to eat puréed or super soft food but that sounds dangerous. Your stomach has to heal.

    Good luck - Bonnie
  2. Shaneece28's Avatar
    OmG. You're the first person I heard if eating refried beans in third day. Check with your surgeon to double check.
  3. Pooky's Avatar
    I'm just following my "VSG Bible" that I was given by my Nut.

    Everyone's comments on my last blog post made me even go quadruple check it. Day 1 - clear liquids; Day 2-15 modified liquid diet. They even gave me cottage cheese and applesauce in the hospital and made sure it stayed down before they'd let me leave.

    My hospital / bariatric center is a Bariatric Center of Excellence, so I like to think they know what they are talking about.

    I guess places are different.
  4. bmiller140's Avatar
    Read what you wrote. Day 2-15 modified LIQUID diet. That means liquids like thin soups and shakes. That doesn't mean puréed or soft foods. Take our advice and stick to liquids and contact your NUT on Monday.
  5. newclear's Avatar
    I'm surprised you're consuming what you are so early in. Even if you're following the guide you were given, I learned when I graduated to stage 3 that I had to rely more on stage 2 than I'd hope. 1/2 serving protein shake had me full way too quickly early out. I personally was on clear liquids for 4 days (allowed isopure 0 carb rtd for protein) and after day 2, was able to get up to 72 oz liquids in. Day 5-14 was full liquids stage up to unstrained yoghurt consistency. I got full so fast that getting all my liquid in was difficult. I would nurse an 8 oz protein shake for 1.5-2 hrs w/ sips of water between. At 11 weeks out, getting down your 2 oz yoghurt/cottage cheese and 1 oz refried beans would be more than 1/2 what I could eat based on volume/consistency of those products. That would be impossible for me personally 3 days out.

    Even if your "VSG Bible" recommends something, you have to choose with your medical team what is best for you to meet certain requirements. You're the first person I've ever heard of eating refried beans or cottage cheese 3 days out.
  6. suzn358's Avatar
    I'm 11 days out and on full liquids until 14 days. Full liquids include protein shakes with milk and yogurts but I can't have cottage cheese yet or refried beans. That stuff comes in stage 3, puréed foods.