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Step by Step...

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I have received approval from the insurance company!Most all of the pre-op requirements have been checked off and I start the month long OptiFast diet on Saturday. It will then be a quick count down to July 8th.

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  1. Fae's Avatar
    Congrats! Good luck with that month long Optifast diet. I thought the 2 week one I'll have to do was bad enough. We'll both do fine, though.
  2. LuckyCharmz82's Avatar
    I'm waiting for my 1st Dr. visit 6/17/14. Spoke with their patient advocate who told me all the info regarding my insurance. Procedure is paid for 100% with exception of my $35 co-pay for doctor visits. Good Luck to you!!
  3. Beachteachmom's Avatar
    Yea! Good luck! Mine will be July 3rd!