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First Before and After Pics

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I thought it was about time I posted my before and after pics to date. I absolutely HATE the before photo, as I cannot believe I looked that bad. But I guess in order to show my progress I have to bite the bullet and do it.

Start date of Pre-op 03.12.13, 256lbs (116.1kgs) - Surgery date 17.12.13 (108.8 - 239lbs) - 5.5 months out (80.7 kgs - 177lbs).

How do I feel?............Bloody Fantastic Click image for larger version. 

Name:	03.12.13 -116.1kg (256lbs).JPG 
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ID:	19057Click image for larger version. 

Name:	23.05.14- 5.5 months post op - 80.7kgs (177lbs).jpg 
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ID:	19058

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  1. Denise*661's Avatar
    You look so much younger. And hotter !!! Awesome cant wait till I feel the same.
  2. Lady J 03's Avatar
    "WOW YOU LOOK GREAT" keep it up!
  3. Skittles's Avatar
    Amazing transformation! Congratulations!
  4. taisha's Avatar
    you look fantastic
  5. tc011483's Avatar
    You look amazing! So happy and youthful!
  6. Chelseagirl's Avatar
    Amazing :-)
  7. HeathierMe's Avatar
    Wow ! You should feel so proud !! Truly a difference !!
  8. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    You look so nice!
  9. Paulette21's Avatar
    Congratulations! What an inspiration.
  10. Graciegurl's Avatar
    You have to be so proud of yourself!!!!!
    I think it is important to honor your old self as it was she who started the process of where you are now!!!!
  11. julesdeck's Avatar
    You look so sassy! Love it. Go you!!!
  12. Mich-D's Avatar
    You exude confidence! Awesome job.
  13. GraceMom's Avatar
    You look fabulous! Come on now...who likes their before pictures? You have made incredible progress!
  14. heyheypaula's Avatar
    wonderful transformation, you look 20 years younger!