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Soft foods help

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Hello Everyone,

So yesterday was my two week Post-op Dr. visit. Everything so was has been smooth except I been moved up to soft foods. Last night I tried the 3oz of lean chicken breast. It was moist and I chewed well and after the 2nd bite I felt like it was just sitting on my chest. It took my like 1 1/2 hours to finish it. Has anyone experience this the first time?

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  1. greenmomma's Avatar
    I'm 8 months out. I still can't eat chicken breast.
  2. tinadago's Avatar
    Yes, that happens to me all of the time....chew chew chew and take breaks between bites. When I was on soft, I could only have yogurts and cottage cheese. everything went through my magic bullet....I would buy soups from Panera and pulverize them. Worked best for me during that stage....and could only finish 3-4 oz.
  3. txredapple79's Avatar
    i had better luck when I would use the crock pot to cook the meats. I think i did tuna/fish very well and soft veggies.
  4. HGfromOmaha's Avatar
    If I eat chicken, it has to be either grilled or roasted. I can't do fried or anything that's very coarse......so I'd try what txredapple said and crock pot it....
  5. angelique4kids's Avatar
    My soft foods I couldn't eat that ..my list was yogurt, low fat refried beans(mushy) and anything puree. Maybe that was too solid for you?? I was told to hold off on meats like that til next stage.....I do strained soups, soft vegtable soups.......I know its hard I am still in soft food stage and its hard to find suff to eat....good luck.
  6. Netekay's Avatar
    I started with chicken lunch meat and worked my way up to a breast. Maybe back up and start with that and see how it goes.
  7. sociologist's Avatar
    When just starting out, meats are the hardest because of the texture. Fish is much easier. I marinate my chicken all the time and it stays moist. Just cut it into very small pieces the size of peas and chew it to death:-)
  8. edubb99's Avatar
    Regular cooked chicken breast may be a bit dry at first. Try canned meats, ground meats, baked fish and beans...and even then you may have to put them through the mini food processor.
  9. Celestial03's Avatar
    I wasn't allowed meat that early. Soft food stage for me was refried beans, yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, etc. Maybe wait a couple more weeks!
  10. DanellefromTexas's Avatar
    Agreed! Your body just isn't ready yet. Tuna with mayo and relish goes well and so does yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus and eggs. If something doesn't feel right and I get a tightness in my chest then I put that food off for a few weeks. Today I was on the go and got pinto beans and cheese from Taco Bell. It went down easy and was very tasty. I could only eat a few bites though
  11. shila's Avatar
    I still have a tough time with chicken unless I used the canned type and add it to ranch dressing and some cream cheese and Franks hot sauce to make a Buffalo chicken dip in the crockpot. It is greats with Chicken in A Biscuit crackers.