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Veteran Sleever Question

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I'm about 4 months out, still in my Honeymoon faze. Weight loss has been great over 80lbs. Still can not eat a lot (which I'm happy for). I hear a lot about weight gain after a year or so. The questions I have are... Are you able to eat a lot? .Is the weight gain from eating to much? Or Is it the choice of food going in? How much weight gain is expected when you level off? Someone told me 10-20lbs. My goal was at least 215lbs, Should I push to get down 190-195???? Think I would look really sick if I dropped lower then 190.

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  1. RoxFC's Avatar
    I'm not quite one year post-op but I'm almost there. My surgery was last July. I have lost a total of 76 lbs. I have not really lost much weight since December. I keep going up and down the same 5 lbs. I still have a lot of restriction. What I do notice this far out is that bad habits have begun to creep back in. I am grazing more throughout the day and not making the best food choices. I can eat a few ounces and be stuffed. But, about 1/2 hour later I can eat again if I want. I have also been slacking on the exercise. I was doing monthly exercise challenges for a while. I really haven't exercised much since the holidays. I am happy with my weight loss. I'm a little under 200 lbs and feel great. I do want to drop about 20 more lbs. It's going to be the hardest 20 lbs to take off since I have let my brain get out of focus. However, it is only 20 lbs! I have not said that in years. Whenever I set a weight loss goal for myself in the past, I had to lose more than 50 lbs and always felt daunted. This sleeve is the best tool to ensure our success. The challenge really started for me at around 6 months post-op. I haven't been losing the battle...I'm just taking a break. With the warm weather, I am determined to get back to exercising. And, I have to make better food choices!
  2. bessie.marshall's Avatar
    I'm 10 months out, still have good restriction. I weigh everyday to monitor my weight. If I gain I go back to strict low carbs high protein. Keeps me in check. I think everyone is so different that you have to find what works for you. I had to slow down on exercise because my weight kept plummeting. I can eat whatever I want and not really gain. I stay on a fairly healthy diet because I feel like crud if I don't. I do drink coffee and diet soda tho, probably my worst thing I returned to. Sweets gross me out for the most part. I like good healthy things like salad and chicken. weird right?
  3. bessie.marshall's Avatar
    oh and im down a total of 105 lbs. lost most of that in the first 6 mths
  4. DaleLanc's Avatar
    Choices will always get you, especially non-protein which goes down too easily, but watch out for drinking before/during/after eating. That's (both) how I put on 15 pounds in January, still struggling to get off the last 7. I dropped weight rapidly in the first six months post-op, but very slow now, though it'll come off if I do the right thing.
  5. Rainbow's Avatar
    It is normal to fluctuate 5 pounds weather sleeved or not...just bodily functions and fluctuations. After you get to goal your body will need time to adjust to find the happy spot. This can be 5 to 20 lbs of your goal either direction. If you carefully maintain your weightloss for 1 year this helps to give your body it's new "set point" The new weight it likes to default to. You can gain weight, it's not rocket science, drinking high calorie and Ice cream are probably the fastest way to gain. I still avoid drinking my calories and that has made it possible to maintain for almost 4 years now. If I gain a little more then 5 lbs I feel it in my clothes size. ( my jeans start getting too tight) that's when I cut back for a week or two and it comes off pretty quickly. Hope you find this helpful! Love Rainbow