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Almost two months postoperative!

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So things are great! I've learned to eat slow and to know what my limits are. I can have whatever I want now. It's just trail and error to see what sits in my new tummy without issues. I really like wraps. So you get veggies and protein at once. I'm down to 239! I had a my first stahl for about a week and a half. I've started to walk at least 15-30 mins a day. I still can't do protein shakes. I found a premier protein premade ones are okay. My blood sugars are now under control. My vitamin d and potassium are low. So I have to take more supplements. I had a weird thing happen tonight? My main scar where the drain tube was the scar tissue looked like there was fluid behind it. So I got a sterol pin and poked the scar tissue and a oil substance came out with puss and a little blood.... Is that normal? I'm attaching the picture after I drained the scar. It has already started to fill back up in the picture.

Let me know what you think.Click image for larger version. 

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  1. DanellefromTexas's Avatar
    I wouldn't touch it without seeing a physician. You could also contact your weight loss coordinator with Dr. Almanza. Mine is Melissa and I just text her with any question I have. In the meantime, keep it clean with alcohol.

    Also, what kind of wraps do you make? Would love to know what works for you!
  2. janetm's Avatar
    Definitely not normal ... have a doctor look at it.
  3. toutdesuite's Avatar
    Was your drain site sutured? My drain site was not sutured. I asked my sister, who is an RN and was taking care of me post-op, why it wasn't stitched and she said because sutures don't work after a wound has been open for a period of time (I had my drain in for two days). My incision healed up nicely without the sutures, but I did have to keep it clean, dry, and protected w/ gauze/tape for awhile.
  4. Cabo_Chica150's Avatar
    No, not normal, call and see your physician
  5. Mktmathis's Avatar
    They did have it sutured with four sutures the drain was in the middle. Surgery was Friday got my drain out Sunday.

    I use a low carb tortilla and add skim milk cheese, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and a fat free dressing. Really nice for on the go. Eat a quarter, save the rest for dinner or for lunch the next day. Fat free bean and cheese are my lifesaver. Super yummy and high in protein.