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long night ahead?!? :-(

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Great, we have a stomach flu bouncing around where I live and my belly is acting up. I'm not sure why. Sooo... Looks like I'll be online, reading and sipping herbal tea tonight. Ah well, sleep is overrated anyway! LOL

Take care, have a good night and...

Luv ya all!!!


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  1. SethP's Avatar
    Hang in there Skip. I think this is some crazy stuff going on with the weather. I am in the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles off the coast of Louisiana and we have 20 miles per hour winds out of the NORTH right now. Here it is May and we have a cold front. This is just crazy. Enjoy your tea and Godspeed on your journey.
  2. luke's Avatar
    That sucks. Sorry man.
  3. Skittles's Avatar
    Feel better!
  4. Angella67's Avatar
    Hope you're feeling better!
  5. skip0410's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! Still feeling a bit rough. Have a feeling this is gonna be a soft foods day. But I was able to get some sleep.
  6. sunman71's Avatar
    Hang in there... Hope you're better by now.
  7. sociologist's Avatar
    Hope you are feeling better today Skip:-)
  8. skip0410's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone. I'm doing a lot better now. Don't know what was going on but its gone! Thanks again for your support!

    Luv ya all!