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In a Heartbeat!

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Before deciding to have sleeve surgery, I asked a lot of people if they'd do it again, and most responded with, "in a heartbeat!" Even some who had experienced complications said they'd do it again. I recently asked SeasonsChange, who suffered with severe acid reflux after surgery, if she and her husband would do it again, and you guessed it -- her reply was "in a heartbeat."

So now 10 weeks out I can ask myself, would you do it again, and reply with an emphatic, in a heartbeat!

What I can do now: I can walk again, shop again, shower without pain in my feet again, -- for just those reasons alone I would do it all over again -- I can sit comfortably in my desk chair and in a restaurant booth, theater, and at church again.

What I can't do: I can't binge eat (thank God!), and at only 10 weeks out I still can't drink 8 oz. of fluid (but that will improve with time).

What I like: No more back pain! And I feel like a girl again as opposed to a hippopotamus. I was wearing big t-shirts and pilates pants on my days off. And now, although I still wear pilates pants (they're just too darn comfy!), I do wear jeans and cute tops too -- I even bought a pink girlie-girl babydoll top the other day!

What I dislike: Taking a fist-full of vitamins everyday but at the rate I was going, I very well could have been taking a fist-full of Rx meds eventually. So it's a small price to pay for better health. And I hate having labs done more frequently (I have rolling veins and I hate needles!).

Regrets: I regret that I couldn't lose it on my own. For over 35 years I tried unsuccessfully to lose weight and maintain that loss. I lost 100+ lbs. twice, and 25 to 75 lbs. countless times, only to regain it all plus some. And I regret not having this surgery sooner.

Are you considering sleeve surgery? You, too, could be saying, "in a heartbeat" a few months from now. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. MBL's Avatar
    Yes, Yes, Yes! I agree 100%. Congratulations on your new life!
  2. Ladeegee's Avatar
    I will hopefully be having my surgery in August. I can't wait for my "in a heartbeat" moment. Thanks for the motivation!
  3. vonik's Avatar
    Thank you for the awesome post - I should be getting sleeved in July, can hardly wait. I am so looking forward to this phenomenal journey. Keep up your great attitude.
  4. sociologist's Avatar
  5. bmiller140's Avatar
    Thank you for those inspiring words. I am counting down to May 29th when I can join the "In a Heartbeat" club.

    Read somewhere that I should create a list of 50 reasons that it is good not to be fat before I have my surgery. Haven't captured that many reasons and will certainly add some of yours to my list.

    Some of mine were 1) Not getting out of breathe when I dry off my dogs when they come in out of the rain; 2) Being able to cross my legs - finally; and 3) Getting better gas mileage because every 100 pounds of excess weight you remove from your car will increase gas mileage by 1 - 2.

    Not to mention that when I reach my goal weight I will have taken 380 pounds of pressure off my bad knee.

    Good luck to all - Bonnie
  6. williams3234's Avatar
    Thanks for a great motivational post! Hopefully sometime in June I can answer your question and say I would do it again " in a heartbeat".

  7. glorybeesleeved's Avatar
    I'm so happy for you.I thank you for the encouraging words.I am waiting for my surgery date,to be set.I am so grateful for the opportunity to have the surgery.I'm looking forward to my new life!
  8. Ann2's Avatar
    I agree! Thanks for reminding me of the shower scene. Six months ago I dreaded showering, much less washing my hair. I could stand up barely long enough to wash my hair.

    Oh! The changes since then!