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3 months post op!

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I am happy to report that I feel great. I have had some good things happen over the past 3 months.
1. I have lost 65lbs!
2. I have gone from a tight 22-24 to a comfortable 14-16.
3.I can now shop in the "regular" section of the store.
4. I not only no longer need a seatbelt extender on the plane, but I now have to actually tighten the seatbelt to fit.
5. I can now buy bras at a regular department store
6. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

It hasn't all been flowers and rainbows, though.
1. I still try to eat more or more quickly than I should from time to time.
2. Not every meal stays down.
3. While I still have heartburn, it is getting better each week.
4. I have some extensive prosthetics in my hip and pelvis from an accident a few years ago, and I can now feel them when I lay on my back. (must have been keeping those babies covered well!)
5. I look like a Sharpei when I'm naked

The negatives are managable, for the most part. I am truly happy with the results so far, and with my decision to be sleeved.

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  1. sweetie1220's Avatar
    Me too
  2. HGfromOmaha's Avatar
    Congrats on your success. I definitely understand the airplane seat issue! Glad that's in the past! I really can't relate to the whole shopping for bra's thing or the looking like a sharpie thing either......but hey....high ^5 anyway!!
  3. Lee6Lee's Avatar
    I was just thinking...sharpeis are really cute. Then it's a good thing!
  4. Angella67's Avatar
    It's a good thing Sharpeis are sooo cute!! Congratulations on your success so far!
  5. Barbp's Avatar
    I am 2 weeks out and you give me hope and inspiration. You are doing really well. Keep up the good work.
  6. dietingdonna's Avatar
    At 13 days out i cant wait to look like a sharpei!!! congrats on all your hard work
  7. HGfromOmaha's Avatar
    I am so lost. I have no idea what you're all talking about when you say "looks like a Sharpie". A sharpie is a pen. What am I missing here?
  8. Metread's Avatar
  9. Metread's Avatar