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Tomorrow is the day!

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Tomorrow I'll be sleeved. I was panicky yesterday but today so far I'm good. It's my last day at work before the two weeks off. I was in a crazy mode trying to get things done before I leave but today's attitude is whatever gets done good if it doesn't too bad. There's too many people here with poor time and project management in positions they shouldn't be or at least their performance evaluation should tell the truth lol. I'm glad that I had an assistant that will take care of things when I'm out and the pile of work coming back won't be that high.

Well folks send me blessings and positive energy for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

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  1. Graciegurl's Avatar
    Sending you lots of blessings and positive vibes for tomorrow and during this life long journey!!!!!! You will do awesome!!!!!!!
  2. bjohnson's Avatar
    Best of luck. Let us know how it goes.
    I have my surgery Monday. So I'm right there with ya!
  3. mrskennedy2000's Avatar
    Wonderful, sending positive energy your way!
  4. nrsmidwife's Avatar
    My surgery is tomorrow too! Best of luck and a speedy healthy recovery!
  5. Mscheveous's Avatar
    Best of luck on a speedy recovery!