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Sometimes odd combos work!

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My new protein drink as the weather gets warmer is my favorite, iced coffee with a new twist. I take a quart jar, add 2 cups of coffee, one cup of soy milk, and one scoop strawberry flavored protein powder. I mix well and and some no calorie sweetener if necessary. Add ice and enjoy! Also works good as a frappuccino, and only 9 total carbs!

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  1. sociologist's Avatar
    Sounds yummy:-)
  2. mohara62's Avatar
    Sounds delicious, but I thought we're not supposed to have coffee, even decaf as I was told? I'm a coffee addict and I have not been sleeved yet, but I find it really hard to give up my coffee.
  3. skip0410's Avatar
    I was told to give up caffeine not coffee and soda. After about a month I'm using caffeine again and haven't had any trouble. I'm just guessing but, I wonder if we are just to reduce the acid levels in the stomach prior to and immediately following surgery.
  4. skip0410's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sociologist
    Sounds yummy:-)
    Oh, it is! And when I do the frappuccino I throw about 4 frozen strawberries in to add flavor and help the texture of it.