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Bumps in the Road

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The countdown began now 7 day until surgery. Last weekend had chest pains and went to the ER after two EKG and Chest X-ray everything confirmed fine and had me on Pepcid for acid. It didn't feel like acid I followed up with the NP at the hospital today another EKG and pushing on my chest. She thinks its the muscle in the rib cage or gastrisis? Now I have to get a Upper Endoscopy tomorrow and a Cardiologist on Friday. Its' great that they can book me in so fast before the surgery to get clearance. It just sucks these little bumps in road. That's a lot of time off from work that I need to prepare for my medical leave. Well...it's better safe than sorry and I hope it's nothing serious.

-Please send good energy my way!

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  1. HeathierMe's Avatar
    If you have an issue with GERD, reflux or acid build up you may want to discuss more if sleeve is the right surgery for you. Sleeve can often make these symptoms worse for those with pre surgery issues and even for those with non approx 60 percent develop slight symptoms post. People with GERD or acid issues tend to do better with full bypass ... I am not a doctor for sure but did do a lot of research before my surgery and this is much if what I read on this issue. All the best. Hope you feel better soon.
  2. sociologist's Avatar
    Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery:-)
  3. Nayana's Avatar
    Thanks! I went for my last test before surgery today. Cardiologist says heart is fine waiting for the surgeon to call me back for clearance.